Life... What is this life in architecture? It is endlessly seething newly-erected buildings in flux, the eternal rush for something new. In which, the balance of harmony and comfort are frequently lost and sacrificed in favour of benefit, interest and fashion. The true sense is being forgotten, in order to serve everyone, to consider everything for maximum comfort for any of us, bringing benefits, convenience, and aesthetic pleasure.

The future is the life itself. What is it going to be? In what prospective would we like to see it? We make decisions and create. In the future, I want everything to be in harmony: perfect and convenient for everybody. The architecture of the future is being created in our present day.

I make maximum efforts to ensure that our projects are worthy of this future and leave its unique mark on it. My concept is not art for art’s sake, money or fame, but it is the creation of space for the convenience and comfort of people. It is architecture, where each detail and nuance is thought through to carry out the mission, which is to bear favour and gladden everyone’s eye. All together is a balance - that of beauty and practicality, where one does not compete with another one. It is integrity, it is unity. It is the future in which I think everyone wants to live. Let’s build it together!